Premier Insurance Partners is very excited to release the award winning package of selling and training tools called Super Agent Tools (SAT).

SAT packages everything an agent always wanted in a simple, easy-to-use, website. At SAT, you will be able to find:

-Calculators of all kinds
-Quote Engines – for all kinds of products
-Carrier info – including AM BEST, and others.
-Carrier website – bypass passwords and get directly into carrier websites!
-Carrier apps/forms – again, bypass passwords and get directly to carrier forms
-Client presentations – approved presentations. Pictures and scripts and video!
-Agent Training- want to learn a new product, SAT makes it easy.
-Application tracking – track all your apps from multiple carriers in one place
-Commission tracking- all in one place, no more going to multiple sites!
-client database -Simple to use database to keep your client’s info.
-Calendar – easy calendar, keeps your appointments and other important dates
-and so much more. . . . . .

PLUS: Premier Insurance Partners provides SAT for Free!
Call us today to see what Super Agent Tools can do for you. 855-827-1661 or 800-504-7471

So you think Medicare Advantage is only sold during the Annual Election Period (AEP)?

Would it surprise you to learn that over 400,000 NEW (fully commissionable) Medicare beneficiaries join a Medicare Advantage plan outside of the AEP? That’s over twice the number of Medicare beneficiaries compared to the increase in the number that joined a Medicare Supplement plan between 2011 and 2012!

Medicare Advantage’s lock-in period begins February 15th and extends through December 31st, providing you with a higher degree of protection against chargebacks/lapse ratios than any other senior health product on the market today.

At a recent Society of Actuaries (SOA) meeting, it was stated that a Medicare Advantage plan is generally a better financial benefit to members in most places than staying on Original Medicare while buying a Medicare Supplement and prescription drug plan (PDP). This is especially true in urban areas.

From December 2012 through November 2013, there were over 1 million NEW MA members added across all enrollment periods in the year.

Call us today to learn how you can sell more Medicare Advantage all year!

Are you Post AEP-ready?

November 13th, 2013

AEP is off and running. Chances are you are too busy to read this post today. (hopefully you are!)

For those agents that are selling Med Advantage, you need to know the following:

Over 40% of Med Advantage apps are taken post-AEP!

That’s right, at Premier Insurance Partners, our agents write nearly the same number of apps after AEP as they do during AEP.

By now you know there are about 10,000 people turning age 65 EVERY day! The majority of these people are accustomed to health insurance that includes co-pays, deductibles, and various cost sharing. At age 65, they are used to how Med Advantage plans basically operate, but they are excited that their health premiums now are cost nothing (or close to zero).

Also, many agents have also realized how easy it is to sell the Special Needs Plans, which include special plans for low income people or those with Chronic illnesses.

As AEP winds down, don’t stop your selling and marketing for Med Advantage plans!

PLUS: Ask us about our FREE LEAD programs. We can help you, simply call us at 855-827-1661.

New Sales Ideas for Spring

April 23rd, 2013

Here are the new sales ideas for spring:

-Successful selling over the phone: Save time, gas, and expense by selling over the phone. We have the definitive manual on how you can become successful selling insurance over the phone. Many agents have learned that when they call their lead cards to set appointments, they should actually simply sell the client right over the phone. Call us now to for the manual on how to sell final expense over the phone, or attend one of med supplement webinars to learn more on how to sell med supplements directly.

-NEW Annuity - if you sell income riders and specifically SBL’s annuity, you need to look at the newly released Sentinel Annuity – it has the BEST INCOME RIDER available. Call now and see for yourself.

-Year-Round Med Advantage Selling: Premier Insurance Partners just had its best non-AEP Med Advantage month ever! Our agents are successfully selling turning age 65 clients, plus SNIP plans. Call us today and find out what you can do to improve your non-AEP activity.

Lastly, don’t forget Medicare Supplements are still selling strong. Over 10,000 people turn age 65 every day. We have the best carriers, inclucing Everence, Combined Life, CIGNA, United Health Care, and others.

If you are a Medicare Supplement agent, it’s an exciting time with several new carriers entering the market.

-Cigna, that huge A+ carrier, enters the market this month. The have the lowest rates in most of their approved states. If not yet the lowest, Cigna will likely be the best premium once all the rate increases kick in. Cigna has huge name recognition, especially for the younger audience – those turning age 65. Many of these seniors likely had Cigna heath coverage prior to age 65

-Everence – simply see my January blog to know why I think this is the best carrier to have if you sell in AZ, CA, ID, or MT. When you are selling to Christians, this carrier has an affiliation which makes it so easy! Plus argurably the lowest rates.

-Combined Insurance – Based in Illinios, this carrier has the best combination of awesome commissions and low premium.

– Stonebridge – another huge carrier. Part of the Transamerica family with a big AM Best rating and huge Transamerica name.

As you can see, depending on what state you choose, Premier Insurance Partners has one or several new carriers for you.

Call today.

There is one Medicare Supplement you Must have in your briefcase. Why? – because it is only faith based carrier in the med supplement marketplace that I am aware.

Why is Faith-based so important? That’s like asking why is the AARP logo for United Health Care so important. Or like asking NIKE why they get so many athlete endorsements. WHY – because it makes a positive connection with the consumer. Sure there are some seniors who hate AARP – but there are many, many, many more who trust AARP. The same for the athletes endorsing NIKE shoes – sure some people may not like a certain athlete, but you can bet there are many, many, many more who simply want to be “like Mike”.

Everence is now allowing it’s low premium medicare supplement to be sold by independent agents. Previously, Everence was only sold thru its career agents to people belonging to Christian churches. Not only does Everence prefer to sell to those of the Christian faith, it also invests its earnings only in socially responsible investments.

Who would you sell Everence to? Only your Christian clients – based on current population statistics, Christians make up a very large part of the population in America.

If you carry United Health Care, you certainly ask your prospects their feelings about AARP prior to recommending this product. You realize some people may not like AARP, if so you keep it in your briefcase and present a different carrier. However, you know if the prospect repsects AARP, you have a very good chance of not only closing the sale but you will also have greater persistency!

The same applies to Everence. When you are in your fact finding session with your prospect, look around their house or ask a few basic quesitons. You will quickly discover if they are of the Christian faith. If yes, then offer Everence. Your client will like the low premium, the very low historical rate increases, and their socially responsible investing. As the agent, you will enjoy terrific commissions AND higher persistency!!!

If your client has a strong affiliation with a company (other than a low premium), you can be certain your closing rate and persistency will be stronger.

We’ve always been told not to talk politics or religion on sales calls. However, as AARP has shown us with United Health Care – it’s OK to talk a little politics. Now we know it’s OK to mix in a little Christianity as well.

Call us today for an Everence broker kit!

With AEP over today, I am sure every agent will start turning their attention to the remainder of 2012 and what to do in 2013.

At Premier Insurance Partners, one of our major areas of emphasis will be Hospital Indemnity Plans. These simple, EZ plans have become the “darlings” of top MA and Med Supp producers nationwide. Why? Because they are a superior value for the senior client and one of the easiest sales agents will ever make.

Premier Insurance Partners offers a very easy to use one page Needs Planning Worksheet. It will quickly show the client that a zero premium MA plan could (and likely will) cost the average senior client nearly $4,000 in co-pay and deductibles!!!! What a senior thought was a zero cost plan can rapidly turn into a $4,000 or more cost plan. When you use the average numbers on how many times the average senior visits a doctor and hospital each year, you will certainly see it for yourself. Better yet, the needs analysis will clearly show it to your client.

A good Hospital Indemnity plan can help cover some or all those expenses for only $50 per month. As the agent, you quickly make several hundred dollars in commission for what amounts to a “lay down” sale.

Who is buying Hospital Indemnity plans?
-Med Advanage owners concerned with the co-pays and out-of-pocket costs
-MA owners would would rather own a Med supp, but can’t afford it. So they buy a zero premium MAPD plan and a Hospital Ind. plan. Total average cost is only $50/month versus over $125/mo for a med supp. (actually more as the Med Supp client would also need a PDP at about $40/mo)
-Med Supp owners who like the ambulance benefit of a HI plan.
-Med Supp and Med Adv. owners who live in rural areas. If a hospital is 50+ miles away, the supporting spouse likely will stay in a hotel. That involves lodging, gas, and meal expenses. The dollars recieved by the HI plan can offset these expenses, which would likely be over $125/day.

Call today to learn how you can easily present HI plans to your clients. Be sure to ask for our easy-to-use Hospital Indemnity Needs Analysis Worksheet. Also ask about our new Medicare Supplements from Everence – likely the lowest rates in their states!

Happy New Year!

Are you prepared for the best Medicare Supplement and Med Advantage week of the year?

The final week of AEP is almost upon us. Make sure you are set with the proper carriers and supplies. At Premier Insurance Partners, we are have everything you should need. When it come to MA plans, you need to be set by now. But we can help you with:

-Do you the lowest Med Supp in your Area? We just introduced Everence in AZ,CA,ID, and MT – if you don’t have this one yet, call now. Definitley our number one company.

-Have you gotten yourself ready with plenty of SCOPE forms? Don’t run low in the last week.

-Do you know how you are going to follow up with other products after AEP. Now is the time you should be making your prospects aware of the other products you sale, so you can call them later. Have a volunteer sign-in sheet at your kiosk if you are working a pharmacy.

Get yourself ready for the best week of the year. If done correctly you will more than prospects for the next 10 months – people you can call on for other products after AEP.

You likely know Everence, they have been marketing insurance through carreer agents for 50 years. Now, Premier Insurance Partners is proud to be the marketing company taking Everence into the brokerage arena.

Available initially only in AZ, CA, ID, & MT, their new medicare supplement offers:

-Very low (likely the lowest) premium in most states
-Terrific commission
-Free accidental death benefit!
-History of low rate increses

All this, plus it is backed a solid company that does socially responsible investing of its assets.

Call now for details and contracting information 800-504-7471

The countdown is over. AEP started yesterday. Right now you should be talking up your products and getting your SCOPE forms signed. You can sell in only 13 days.

Were you aware of the major product withdrawals anounced today? If no, call us now at 855-827-1661 or 800-504-7471 to get the details on withdrawals in your area.

These plan withdrawals are a HUGE money maker for the agent. We have agents who specifically travel to the withdrawal area simply to work the business.

Plan Withdrawals – what you need to know:

-Once member receive notice that their plan is withdrawaling they get a speical SEP for 63 days.
-There likely is not another MA plan in the area, so a Medicare Supplement is where the member needs to look.
-This will be a Guaranteed Issue. The Med Supp must take the member with no Underwriting.
-Most Med Supps pay a flat $20 or worse on GI business with no renewals.
– One carrier (A+ rated) pays FULL commission and renewal on GI applications -call us for the details!

Premier Insurance Partners is YOUR partner. Call us now – this opportunity is only here for 63 days!

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